Welcome to the Institute of Genetic Epidemiology.

Dear Colleagues and Guests,

The Department of Genetic Epidemiology was founded in 2001 at the University Medical Centre Göttingen. Furthermore, the Institute is a member of the cross-faculty Centre for Statistics (ZfS).

On its inauguration in September 2001, the Department was the first ever independent university institution in the field of genetic epidemiology at a German university.
From the outset and within the framework of the National Genome Research Network (   NGFN ), the Department was founded as one of the few nationwide Centres of Methods in Genetic Epidemiology (GEM) in Germany and has since established itself in this discipline.

Research foci in the Department are the investigation of genetic influence on complex diseases and the development of statistical techniques for their analysis. The Department is also involved in epidemiological issues of an interdisciplinary nature, as well as representing the field of epidemiology in its entirety in the Department's teaching activities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments or queries.

With best wishes,

Heike Bickeböller
Director and Chair