Teaching Activities in the Institute of Genetic Epidemiology

The Institute teaches students at University Medical Center Göttingen as well as within the framework of the Campus Institute for Statistics including the section of the Centre for Statistics.

The courses on offer include the subjects of epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, and biometric methods, as required in the fields of statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology.

We hold courses in the following degree programmes:

For questions regarding specific courses at the Institute, please contact:

Prof. Bickeböller is the chairperson of the examination board for molecular medicine; please contact the administrative coordinators of the degree programme in the examinations office first with any questions. For further information, please refer to the molecular medicine degree programme webpage.

Doctoral students of the Institute do their doctorate in the doctoral programme of human sciences in medicine (only in German), in biostatistics, or epidemiology.

Last updated March 2023