Research Foci

We investigate genetically complex diseases, in order to improve our understanding of the effects of individual genetic composition on disease development, progression, prognosis, and therapy, as well as the interaction with environmental factors. We concentrate on the research foci set by University Medical Centre Göttingen, currently mainly neurology/psychiatry and oncology. We are thus currently researching the genetic epidemiology of lung cancer, the genetic epidemiology of stem cell transplantation, and the genetic epidemiology of psychosis in national and international networks.

In the field of statistical genetics, we develop biometric methods - including machine-learning methods - of genetic epidemiology, with studies collecting ever-larger amounts of data. We develop the procedures directly from clinical projects, as this is where the need for improvement in current analytical procedures becomes most apparent. However, we also work closely with statisticians, computer scientists, and data scientists from other disciplines in the Statistics Section (formerly the Centre for Statistics) of the Campus Institute for Data Science. This allows us to exploit its interdisciplinary nature for development opportunities and ideas clinically, genetically, as well as biometrically. We develop methods focussed especially on statistical genetics for association studies and prediction, statistical genetics for stem-cell transplantation, as well as statistical genetics for longitudinal cohorts in networks of clinicians as well as statisticians/data scientists, all within the framework of the Centre for Methods in Genetic Epidemiology (GEM).

Page last updated March 2023