Integrative Analysis of Lung Cancer Etiology and Risk (INTEGRAL)

INTEGRAL, and previously TRICL (Transdisciplinary Research in Cancer of the Lung), are projects funded by the NIH involving a group of lung cancer researchers from around the world, established in 2010, and of course continuously renewed with young scientists. The scientific objectives are also changing. Identification of genetic variants relevant to lung cancer, replication in different ethnic populations, proof of a functionally explainable mechanism of action, and risk modelling are among the goals.

The Department of Genetic Epidemiology is active in the “Biostatistics Core”, and in particular in Area 1, i.e. in the identification of genetic variants relevant to lung cancer. In this context, genome-wide investigations from different studies are analysed jointly and supplemented by the detailed typing of narrower genetic regions.

With this aim, the Department develops new methods and optimises existing methods for "gene set analysis", as well as performs such data analyses. Gene-environment interactions are also in focus (see also lung cancer and radon). The Department also participates with data from the German Lung Cancer Study.

INTEGRAL Coordinator
Dr. Christopher I. Amos

Last updated March 2023